Maluhia Hanalei Vacation Rental in Hanalei, Kauai




two-room-inn-9This charming cottage in the heart of Nevada City was built in the 1880’s and has had many incarnations in its long history. It was originally a miners’ cabin, of which Nevada City had many at the time. It was turned into a more substantial residence around the of the last century, but still just a small, simple, one story home. It was, at some points in the earlier 20th century, affiliated with the church next door as both a stable and as a rectory (at different times, we presume!). There are folks in town who remember when there was a huge cross hanging on the front of the house.

Later in the 20th century it was acquired by some local antique lovers and became known as the Teddy Bear Castle, both for its castle- like appearance at the time and for its huge collection of antique teddy bears. School children used to come every year in April to visit the house for the Teddy Bear Convention, hosted by the resident owners. Teachers would bring their classes up Broad St following huge bear prints on the sidewalk. Those owners are the ones who put in the antique stained glass windows in the dining alcove.  They were imported from England and made in the 1890’s. They also added the other stained glass panels in the house as well as other faux- castle decor. These same gentlemen had previously bought the Miners Foundry and renovated and restored it, in addition to other old and, at the time, derelict buildings in town, before they bought the Two Room Inn, which they also made their residence as well as the home of their teddy bears. It was beautifully reimagined by a local architect in the early 90’s, which was when the wonderful wood interior, with the beautiful floors and all the beams and decorative pieces, was put in, in addition to the lovely glass panels above the doors and windows.slide-5

The stones that were used to build the fireplace are cobblestones from old San Francisco. At that point it became the Two Room Inn, a B&B, for a few years. It was sold again in 2003, and lovingly restored and completely updated again by the new owner, who hired a local expert in Victorian restoration to oversee the project. It was then used as a residence until last year when It was bought by the present owner and completely furnished and outfitted as a unique and wonderful vacation rental, giving anyone the opportunity to stay in this amazing little home.

bridgeport-and-poppiesWalk out your front door, through the garden, and out the front gate, and you will find yourself in an amazing Victorian town, with beautiful historic homes, cafes, shops, galleries, wineries, and restaurants to suit every taste, all within a few blocks of your own beautiful cottage. Stroll around town and enjoy the ambiance, the art ( Nevada City has long been a haven for artists), the shops, and the mountain scenery. Stop for a coffee, breakfast or lunch maybe right across the street at the Broad Street Cafe, a snack at one of the yoghurt or ice cream shops, have lunch or dinner in one of the wonderful eateries in town, or come back to your own charming place and cook dinner at home.

A short drive will bring you to the wonders of the Sierra foothills and the gold rush era. Beautiful scenery, pristine forests, river crossings with amazing swimming spots, hiking trails, and historic gold mining towns, some still with residents, some with only the local ghosts roaming the streets.